We do not utilise “billable hours” because they are not a fair reflection of the balance between fee and outcome. When you engage a law firm that uses billable hours, a 1 minute phone-call ends up as a 6 minute unit. It also puts pressure on lawyers who are expected to bill a certain number of units per day, regardless of the quality of their work. Billing in this manner obviously adds up pretty quickly.

We believe that accountability and value are very important factors in determining what fees are charged if we win your matter. We don’t charge you every time we pick up the phone or send an email. That might be the traditional way of working, but it’s largely responsible for the poor reputation lawyers have received over the years.

AC Lawyers has an expert team that pride themselves on the quality of their work. If you have spoken to other lawyers and been told that you don’t have a matter, speak to us before moving on. It might simply be that the other lawyers feel the matter will not net them a large enough fee. We don’t care how small your matter is. All we care about is that you are given a fair opportunity to be heard and we make sure to explore all avenues when trying to achieve the best result for our clients.

We don’t make unrealistic promises. We simply provide answers when life starts asking you questions.